The name is made up of the terms PET = polyester and Eternity = eternity.

The idea behind this is to close the cycle of the entire value chain of PET plastic and not only to produce new goods, but also to return the products that have been created and used and the resulting production waste back into the production chain.

We can look back on many years of experience in recycling PET plastic and have the necessary know-how to give these PET residues back new properties. We call this “upcycling“.

We want to protect the resources of our world and turn PET waste into recyclable materials.
We want to show that there are ways and possibilities to deal with plastic more sustainably.
We not only close cycles with our own regional waste, but also with waste from all over the world.

As recycling experts, we contribute to environmental protection, to the conservation of global raw material reserves and to climate protection.


OUR MISSION: “To create and maintain an optimal recycling cycle.”

Almost all pure waste and industrial waste made of polyester are suitable for our recycling fiber production, such as Textiles, knitted fabrics, foils, fibers, filaments, bottles, regrind, nonwovens, melt, start-up lumps, blisters, punching waste and much more.

In the first step, these residues are processed in our regranulation plant into high-quality regranulate, which is then used again in the recycling fiber production in the second step. New products are created from these recycled fibers and the circle is closed.


If you too would like to make your contribution to conserving natural resources and channeling your polyester waste to a new sustainable destination, then we are definitely the reliable and competent partner at your side.

We are organizationally and logistically flexible and are guaranteed to find the optimal solution for each partner.
We are happy to help.

We are using following raw materials or secundary raw materials:

  • PTA (Purified Therephthalic Acid)
  • MEG (Monoethylenglykol fiber grade)
  • PET bottle flakes mixed colored (transparent clear, blue, green, <5% brown or other colors)
  • PET bottle flakes clear (clear transparent, 0% blue or similar)
  • PET recycled chips
  • PET Preform regrind

We recycle your PET Polyester waste & industrial waste in form of:

  • Preforms
  • Chips, pellets
  • Filaments
  • Textiles
  • 3D knidded fabrics
  • Lumps
  • Nonwovens pressed or on roll
  • Film, Foils on rolls
  • Regrinds
  • Blister
  • Punching waste


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