We are sure that our vision will be achieved through a partnership and intelligent cooperation with the textile industry. Accordingly, research and development are of paramount importance. Our successes are based i.a. through a close cooperation with the end users in the textile industry and a competent application technical support. New products and their safe, fast time to market are a strength of our team. As a supplier of sophisticated polyester products, we strengthen the European textile industry.


As a medium-sized company in an industrial park under development, we derive a large part of our energy requirements from an industrial power plant with combined heat and power. The wastewater from our plant is purified in a modern biological wastewater treatment plant.


Märkische Faser GmbH regards safety and protection of people and the environment as a concern of fundamental importance. Raw materials and auxiliaries for the production of polyester as well as the production process itself meet the requirements of German and European environmental law. By largely closed production cycles and modern process engineering, emissions into the environment are kept as low as possible.

Important investments have been and are being made to avoid the risks of pollution and harm to people and their habitat. The production process for our polyester fibres meets the requirements and requirements of German and European environmental protection laws.


The GRISUTEN® virgin fibres are certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This ensures that our products do not contain or release hazardous substances that could endanger human health during further processing and use. Our products have been tested for health safety and our production sites for socially and environmentally sound production conditions.


Märkische Faser GmbH has been awarded the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) seal of the Textile Exchange organization. It confirms the traceability of materials and environmentally friendly production.

Quality management ISO 9001

Energiemanagement ISO 50001

Energy management ISO 50001

Energiemanagement ISO 50001

Oeko-Tex® certificate

Energiemanagement ISO 50001

GRS certificate


Märkische Faser GmbH

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