Product portfolio Märkische Faser GmbH

Product portfolio Märkische Faser GmbH

Product portfolio Märkische Faser GmbH

GRISUTEN® polyester fibres

Our GRISUTEN® polyester fibre is manufactured in a continuous chemical process based on PTA and MEG. Polymer-dyeing technology, the possibility of inserting additives, special finishing technologies as well as a fiber production line which works independently from the spinning line enable us to produce “specialties” and polyester fibres which are customized according to the clients’ requirements.

Depending on the processing technology and the intended use we are offering a wide range of different types of fibres in order to meet all possible demands of the clients. We can offer the GRISUTEN® fibre different dtex, cutting lengths and with different parameters regarding the textile properties, such as resistance, elongation and hot air shrinkage. We are also developing fibre types together with our clients. In addition to this we manufacture different types of polyester tow for worsted yarn.



Our GRISUTEN® virgin fibres are manufactured in a continuous chemical process based on PTA and MEG.
We produce a wide range of different fibres and types for use in nonwoven and yarn manufacturing.


The GRISUTEN® virgin tow is manufactured in a continuous chemical process based on PTA and MEG. We produce different types for tow-to-top cutting converters.


The GRISUTEN ® Clean Color Concept™ fibres are already dyed as raw material. This dyeing process has significant ecological and economic benefits. Further information can be found under Sustainability / CleanColorConcept.


The model P-ETernity™ results from the idea of an entirely closed production process. In the spirit of “upcycling”, where a new product is created out of something old, PET waste and polyester residuals are converted into regranulates in a complex and innovative three-stage production process. They are then reused in fibre and filament yarn production and get back into the consumption cycle as uniforms, sportswear or as furniture upholstery materials.


Regenerated fibre


GRISUTEN® FR, a flame retardant polyester fibre on basis of a phosphorus which is integrated in the polymer. It is permanent and meets the most important fire regulations standards. Additionally to the standard type we also have the possibility to adapt the content of phosphorus according to the customer requirements.


By adding a UV stabilizer into the polymer, the polyester fibre is protected against weathering and is therefore an ideal solution for outdoor textiles.

GRISUTEN® UV-stable is available as standard in 1.7 dtex / 38 mm white, semi-dull and black, but can also be produced in other finenesses and cut lengths as well as in spun-dyed.

GRISUTEN® low-pilling

Our special fibre GRISUTEN® low-pilling with low pilling property is achieved by a modification in the polymer. It is available as staple fibre and cutting converter tow.

This fibre is suitable for all types of fabric making, for worsted, ring and OE spinning systems, and especially for wool blending.
It has good dye uptake and wash fastness and is also Oekotex certified.

GRISUTEN® low-pilling is also available in FR, UV, antibacterial and combinations.

GRISUTEN® antibac

The polyester fibre GRISUTEN® antibac is based on a silver-containing active ingredient, which is integrated into the polymer and therefore has a lasting effect. The active ingredient prevents bacterial growth and thus also the development of odors. The fibre can thus be used wherever hygiene and freshness are required.



top ceiling, interior lining, seat cover and upholstery, hat shelf, convertible soft top, cleading of flexible brake hoses


diapers, panty liners, incontinence liners, wet wipes and towelettes


function wear, uniforms, workwear garment, outerwear

Home textiles

curtains, bed linen, sun blinds, furniture upholstery

Industrial applications

filtration, renovation hoses, construction industry, geotextiles


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