The flame-retardant polyester fiber GRISUTEN® FR is made on the basis of phosphorus, which is firmly bound in the polymer and therefore has a permanent effect and meets the most important fire test standards. In addition to the standard type, the phosphorus content can also be introduced individually according to customer requirements.


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Our standard production possibilities:


Fiber Fineness

1,5/ 1,7/ 3,3/ 6,7 dtex


38/ 60 mm



White, black, spundyed

Cross section


Beside the standards we can also produce other dtex and cutlength according to the specification of the customer.

Our flame-retardant polyester staple fiber has been very successful on the market for many years. The polyester fiber GRISUTEN©FR is a
permanently flame-retardant polyester fiber that meets the most important international fire protection standards. The fiber is available in many different
finenesses and cut lengths, but also as a polyester tow for cutting conversion and is therefore used in almost all textile and technical
applications that involve fire protection and safety, e.g. in object textiles, in buses and trains, in hotel and gastronomy, in
aviation and in public buildings, but also in private households.

How it works:
A flame-retardant chemical additive based on phosphorus is incorporated into our polyester fiber GRISUTEN©FR, which is firmly embedded in the polymer and thus in the fiber. As a result, the fiber has a permanently effective fire protection, which does not diminish through washing, use or aging. The chemical additive causes the flame to be deprived of oxygen, which greatly prevents the fire from spreading quickly. This slowing of the fire’s spread can be life-saving and contribute to safety. Despite the added additive, the fiber has a very high and stable degree of whiteness and can be dyed just like normal polyester fibers. In addition to the standard, the phosphorus content can also be adjusted downwards or upwards according to customer requirements.

Environmental friendliness:
Like our standard fibers, the flame-retardant GRISUTEN©FR polyester fiber is certified according to the Ökotex Standard 100, which corresponds to the highest level for baby articles. The FR fiber is halogen and bromine-free and no harmful or environmentally harmful chemicals are added, which is also proven by the Ökotex certification. The fiber is also environmentally friendly and resource-friendly, since the low flammability is achieved through an additive that is already introduced in the polyester fiber production. This means that no further finishing steps are necessary to achieve flame retardancy, which means savings in energy, chemicals, water and ultimately costs.

Fire behavior:
The fiber has a high LOI (Low Oxygen Index) and finished products made from GRISUTEN©FR meet the most important fire protection tests for flame-retardant textiles, in particular the most important fire protection standards such as the German DIN 4102-1 (B1) and the French fire protection standard NF P 92-507 ( M1). Ultimately, however, it always depends on the fabric and non-woven fabric structure whether the standard is met, as this has a very large influence on the fire behavior.


Areas of application:
Polyester GRISUTEN©FR is used both in yarn production and in the production of nonwovens. The fibers are suitable for ring spinning and open-end spinning in yarn production and can be easily processed in the production of non-woven fabrics using all common technologies in the same way as normal polyester fibers. In addition to the fiber, we also offer tow, which is converted to a top on cutting converters and then spun into a worsted yarn. Woven or non-woven fabrics are used in all areas where fire protection and safety are important, e.g. in object textiles, in buses and trains, in hotels and restaurants, in aviation and in public buildings, but also in private households.

In addition to the fiber, we also produce flame-retardant granules for the production of multi-filament, mono-filament, spunbond and for the meltblown process. The FR chip can also be offered in high viscosity for the production of high-strength or technical yarns.

Furthermore, our partner company IKV also offers a flame-retardant masterbatch (


Possible modifications:
The flame-retardant GRISUTEN©FR fiber is also available in black as standard and can also be produced in various solution-dyed colors. In addition to the fiber, GRISUTEN©FR is also available as polyester tow, chip or masterbatch. Various combinations are also possible in each case, in which further functions are introduced in addition to the flame-retardant additive, such as antibacterial, UV-stable, low-pilling, amorphous or hydrophobic. The phosphorus content can also be adjusted on customer request and there are even other cross-sections such as hollow and trilobal

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